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Our mission is to create smart solutions, that turn modern buildings into great experiences

2018 was the year of our inception. Back then, we started a journey of building useful apps for our communities. Since then, we've launched the following platforms.


Workplace experience

2021 was our breakthrough year. We took a challenge from Karimpol to build a complete workplace experience app, dedicated for tenants of Skyliner, one of the tallest and most technologically advanced skyscrapers in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.


Hellopark Workplace

Workplace experience

In 2020, we started working with commercial buildings, by releasing an app that saves time and stress of employees, by improving their parking experience.

We then improved it by adding more features, like issue management, desk and conference rooms booking and simplified UX of parking module. To better reflect its purpose we started calling it Hellopark Workplace.


Parking spot sharing

In 2019, we launched Hellopark, a free mobile app that simplifies parking spot sharing among homeowners. It won the hearts of our users by its simplicity and effectiveness. Learn more.


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